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Actress – Harrier ATK

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Out on Instra:mental’s Non Plus label:

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Sunday, July 18th, 2010

One of my favorite records out at the moment is without a shadow of a doubt Actress’ incredibly versatile sophomore album Splazsh. After Hazyville cemented his name back in 2008, expectations were high for his next effort. He went ahead and raised the bar for himself with this follow up. An intricate slice of electronica that’s impossible to label. Dubglitchdiscofunkwhatever, call it what you want, but once you push play you’ll find yourself drifting away to the ambient sounds of The Hubble which prepares you for Lost, a hypnotizing affair that rides along nicely for 6 minutes before dropping you off to the lush garden-of-eden atmospherics of Futureproofing. Bubble Butts and Equations unleashes a baseline that haunts for days and Always Human cuts up a vocal to great effect. Next is Get Ohn followed by Maze, an updated Moroder-baseline that’s as addictive as it is mesmerizing. Purrple Splazsh makes you snap out of whatever you were on and sets the tempo for the next minutes after which you’re left with the post-house moanfest that is Senorita. Gear up for Let’s Fly before exploring dubstep territory with Wrong Potion. Before signing off with Casanova, Supreme Cunnilingus glitches and clicks its way to The Kettle Men: sci-fi funk that takes no prisoners… Treat yourself to the sounds of now and get your copy here or wherever you feel fit! Limited Addiction gives it two thumbs up!

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Actress – Maze

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  Actress – Purrple Splazsh