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More celebritees!

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

More Limited Addiction sightings! Martyn in his DJ Mag feature reppin the Dots tee, Femme En Fourrure in his 3024 tee and Onda Sonora with the Up To Me Tee! Eternal gratitude to all!


Lefto in the Big Apple

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Lefto reppin’ at Worldwide Fest in Sete

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Watch my man Lefto kill it at the Worldwide Fest in Sete. Reppin’ the Censored Tee Worldwide style…


Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Lefto’s latest installment of his infamous clubnights boasts the heaviest line-up to date. Brownswood Worldwide Family touches down with Kid Koala, Kode 9 & The Spaceape, Tokimonsta, Ghostpoet, Exile, Grems and Simbad will be present amongst others at Vooruit’s Ball Room and Main Hall for what promises to be a legendary night, no less! More info and tickets here

Be there , all of you!


Monday, October 11th, 2010

Show#445 by Leftooo on Mixcloud

There are certainties in life and this is one of them: another week, another Lefto mix… and we’re down to episode 445 of Belgium’s #1urban radio show, here’s what the man had to say…

“445 on 101010 isn’t a beautiful number?…
The opener is a beat that Jesse Futerman sent me, great one, unmixed tho. Right into a great remix by Shafiq for Tettory Bad’s “Unite” with Fatima. The Roots are up next, a tribute to Solomon Burke and a very nice remix by Samiyam of Shigeto’s track. Going south with Andres Landero’s “Cumbia India”, Cee-Lo, Johnny Hammond and to celebrate a nice sunny weekend, this Jill Scott joint “golden”. One of the most incredible joints of the night is probably the beat by Stro the 89th key using the sample of Soul II Soul “back to life” INSANE! A few bangers after each other, Silkie, James Blake’s new thing is nuts, and a couple disco hits. Some uptempo music with Vikter Duplaix’s classic “manhood remix”, Seiji for Toddla T, Gotan Project in a Michel Cleis remix, Andreas Saag remix for Swede:Art. A great Ramadanman refix for Jamie Woon… all that and much much more… check it out!!! Leave a note. Thanks..”

LEFTO #444

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Bob Dorough taught us all that 3 is the magic number. Well today 4 is the magic number, in fact make that 444 as my man Lefto is down to the 444th episode of his weekly show. As Aloe Blacc is about to touch down in Belgium for what I believe is his first time in our little country with no government, correct me if I’m wrong, Lefteezy dedicated the second half of his show to the smooth-voiced vocalist. Click the player below to listen.

Show#444 by Leftooo on Mixcloud


Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Lefto just got back from his Japan-tour and was on another plane Asia-bound for a set of gigs in Singapore before anyone even knew he got back. In fact, he’s boarded another flight as we speak, on his way to Croatia’s Outlook Festival. Find another one of his famed video reports below:

YouTube Preview Image

What a beautiful experience it is to visit a developping country in Asia; Singapore is (I just read it in a magazine) the fastest growing country in the world and I witnessed the evolution as I was there last year. This year the festival decided to work with the most famous club of the city; Zouk is an institution in the area with an unbelievable decor and an impressive sound, 4000 people can get in and they have an important crew working there weekly.

It was very organised, can’t blame anything, the whole weekend was perfect, nice hotel, (the pool had windows on the bottom so you could swim and watch people in the restaurant at the same time), great food and good people. First night, Gilles played the kinda sets I really like, going from hiphop to latin and house… Dam-Funk killed it on the turntables, microkorg and on the mic… heard Dorian Concept had a great one and so had Ikonika. I played for a more hiphop crowd, it was alright. The second day Gilles & myself had to do this Q&A for Heineken, and for someone like me who doesn’t drink it’s kind of funny to take pictures with a bottle of Heineken in my hand, anyway… That night was really fun with Zed Bias & me at the great room that is the Velvet Underground; we did a back to back which was really fun, Jazztronik proved me how incredible they are, we need them in Sète next year… opening the festival, that would be sick! D.o.P. Live is always something you want to see and I think not everyone understood their style, some girls ran away when asked to sit away.. They did a very impressive show as always. Ending with Jeremy Boon in “his” room, I heard some great tunes from the resident Zouk Club deejay… good stuff.

On sunday I wanted to go to the Marina Bay Sands hotel, that’s 3 buildings next to each other and a platform on top with a nice swimming pool, trees, restaurant etc… Something you will probably never see in Europe, it’s just too crazy but I had to see it. Took Ikonika & Zed Bias with me, we had a great time.. felt like visiting the future! Late afternoon we went to this club by the beach on the Sentosa island, great environment, music was ok, it’s just that I don’t always feel like listening to boom boom music all the time, especially on a beach… give me some soul or latin music and you’ll see me smile and enjoy… anyway, had to run back to the hotel, grab my bags and leave to the airport with Ikonika. Singapore is definitely a nice experience, it proves me once again that Asia has the keys to the future, it’s all happening over there now, at least when it comes to economic growth. Thank you Singapore & Worldwide Festival for a wonderful weekend. Encore….


Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Limited Addiction ambassadors are gracing the decks across the world these days!
Martyn has been all over the place, playing gigs from Tokyo to Helsinki… and is getting ready for his first-ever tour down-under in september. Next to maintaining an insane dj schedule, the man has been in the studio readying the 10th release on his 3024 label and his second album which should be something special. He just did a Q&A with Halcyonline talking about influences, future plans and then some… Read the interview here

Came across this interview for Serato as well:
YouTube Preview Image

Lefto flew to Japan as well and played a couple of gigs in Tokyo with the Jazzysport crew. He turned it into a little vacation and came home with one of his films. I don’t know if he even had time to unpack as he’s just boarded a plane to Singapore for another installment of the Worldwide Fest… To say the man’s been busy is an understatement to say the least!

YouTube Preview Image

Meanwhile in Leuven, Belgian drum & bass pioneer Wontime was seen annihilating yet another dancefloor as he’s been doing for the last 15 years, only this time he was wearing the Dizzy Tee to great effect. Thanks to Won the Don for reppin’ & thanks to Shutter for the pic!

Talking about pioneers… if it wasn’t for the man below, I think it’s safe to say hip hop in Belgium wouldn’t be what it is today… Dj Grazzhoppa, has been instrumental to the scene for the best part of the last 20 years and was a founding member of the legendary Rhyme Cut Core, Belgium’s first hip hop outfit. Nowadays he tours with 11 other dj’s as the Dj Grazzhoppa Big Band and with his wife Monique Harcum as Mo&Grazz. A true legend! Below he’s doing his thing rocking the Laid Back tee!

pic by © Cliff Van Craen

Lefto @ Appelsap Amsterdam

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Another video report from Limited Addiction ambassador Lefto:

YouTube Preview Image


Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Another one of Lefto’s video impressions. Some nice footage, edited to the sounds of George Fitzgerald with a tune called Weakness out on HotFlush, of his time spent at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival in sunny Sete. Here’s what he had to say about it himself:

Wow, festival is going hard this year, great deejays, great performances, cancellations, fun and a lot of sun and fish. Arrived on the same plane as Mala, great guy and a nice deep (mehdi) set at the St.Christ. Gil Scott-Heron didn’t make it but Foreign Beggars did a hell of a show, people were going nuts, moshpit style. Floating Points & Fatima were on point as usual, I love when Sam drops the heavy joints, to start with Detroit Experiment, that’s always a good way to start the show… On the beach day after, nice selections by Fuzati & Ouifonk and I replaced Sbtrkt @ the beach (he would do his set at night) and cool Simbad joined me on the turntables for a nice set as well as Theophilus London… ended the set with jungle bangers. At night it was time to visit the beautiful Thêatre de la Mer again, with the Havana Cultura Band & l’Orchestre Poly-Rhytmo de Cotonou from Benin. Both sets were great and an amazing end by Poly-Rhytmo in the rain… and so was I with Simbad in the rain walking to the St.Christ to witness Grfld, Theophilus London, Gaslampkiller & Gonjasufi.. Flylo cancelled and Joy Orbison did the same… so we had Sbtrkt & Sampha and Laurent Garnier on the set. Theophilus’ new joints were amazing, can’t wait to hear the whole thing man… Garfield always on point, Gaslampkiller & Gonjasufi were special, strange and powerful…but I heard the sound wasn’t that good in the front, bummer. Laurent took over, decided to leave to edit this video for you guys… Day 3 today… let’s see!!!!!

YouTube Preview Image