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Jazzneversleeps – Diepgank

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Featured the vid for the A-side to this a couple of months ago… During my post-party blogging hiatus this found its way to the interwebs: Brussels’ Jazzneversleeps incredibly sexy Diepgank on On-Point records got the Ecklewood video treatment. Check it below:

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T-shirt Stories

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

This trailer just popped up on the On-Point blog. Felt right to post it too:

Jazzneversleeps ft JtotheC – I’ll Take Care Of You / Diepgank

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

On-Point Records’ next release comes in the form of a 12″ slice of vinyl, which is a first for the label after their first 7″ releases. Of  more importance however is the music that was masterfully cut into said slab of acetate. Brussels’ Jazzneversleeps returns to the label after his Natte Vinger tune that was an instant classic with two choice cuts: side A features JtotheC’s smooth vocals on top of stuttering rhythms and soulful synths to make I’ll Take Care Of You. Flip it over for Diepgank which is the one for me. Hauting vocals moaning on top of a syncopated beat that shuffles along… pure gold! Couldn’t find a vid for Diepgank but here’s the one for the A side: directed by Ecklewood…

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Kyle Hall interview by On-Point

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010


Another tour-de-force from the On-Point camp: Alex met up with then 17 year old Kyle Hall to talk about his rise to fame, his influences, his connection with Omar S and then some. Interesting footage, as per usual, of an incredibly talented and ambitious producer ready to live up to the hype. Props to On-Point for conducting the interview and to mister Hall for the music and energy!


Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

I can’t believe I didn’t dedicate a post to Belgian blogger yet. The blog is run by twenty-someting Alex Deforce and this is what he says about himself on his myspace page: Filling my days with drawing, interviewing, dj’ing, reading, promoting (co-organised Locoflows Festival in 2005) and perfectioning my coffeetechniques (mind you, there’s different methods to a style!)
An unhealthy coffee addiction resulting in periods of insomnia, which in time combined with an uncompromising just-let-me-do-my-thing attitude gave birth to a trademark style.
Faces marked by the tension of modern day life, balancing on the tipping point between the grime of the city and the frivolous facade of metropolis.
Warm in their darkness, refined in their dirtiness.

Unlike most blogs who mainly filter other blogs (guilty as charged, so fucking sue me), he actually creates content. I particularly like the interviews he’s done for his site, the questions, the editing, all very, uhm, on point… And as the man himself put it: “Blogs are the new labels” so he put his money where his mouth is and released two 7inch singles to critical acclaim. Anyway, words only say so much, so I suggest you be the judge. Click and lose a large portion of your valuable life browsing what I think is one of Belgium’s most interesting blogs. Hats off!


Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

I’m very proud to announce yet another artist repping Limited Addiction and one of my favorite producers to boot! I met Martyn ten years ago as Dj Pan when he was running his famed Red Zone drum and bass monthly in Eindhoven’s Effenaar venue. Red Zone was a benchmark when it came to quality dnb and I’m honored to be able to say I graced their Erosie-designed flyers twice. Heavily influenced by the late 90′s Metalheadz nights at Blue Note the forward-thinking ethos was omnipresent.
After years of dj’ing he turned his hand to production which quickly lead to releases on labels such as Flight’s Play:Music, Rohan’s Bassbin, Marcus Intalex’s Revolve:R and his very own 3024 imprint. His release on Revolve:R was a taste of things to come as he steered away from the tried and tested paths and the formulaic nature of dnb with the double A-side that was Broken / Shadowcasting which I feel was mistakingly labeled as dubstep. Anyway, the dubstep community quickly embraced their new hero and with tunes such as Velvet, All I Have Is Memories, TRG’s Broken Heart remix and a slew of heavily anticipated releases he quickly cemented his reputation as a figurehead of the genre.
In 2009, after relocating to Washington DC, his long-awaited full length Great Lengths saw the light of day, with timeless cuts such as Far Away, Vancouver, crowd favorite Right? Star!, the heartbreakingly beautiful These Words featuring D-Bridge on vocals and the haunting Is This Insanity? with Spaceape… A very consistent record that ended high in pretty much everybody’s 2009 top ten list and rocketed his career beyond the hemispheres. On a side note, along with Fever Ray’s (which he remixed) and The XX’s debuts, Great Lengths was last years most played record over at the Limited Addiction estate too. 
These days you’ll find his tunes in the dubstep section of your recordstore but the dubstep label underwhelmingly comes short to describe the wide array of sounds the man has been emitting (his fans refer to his music as Martyn-music, which is, in fact, more accurate) and it seems he’s not about to stand still either. 2010 saw yet another side of Martyn with the release of Fabric50, a milestone in the legendary series. With remixes by Redshape, Berlin’s Ben Klock, Illum Sphere from Manchester and Zomby some of his tunes managed to cross over to other genres and were given a second life. Not one to easily pinpoint he plays across the board and caters to a varied crowd as is reflected in his current dj sets at Numbers, Berghain and Fabric to name but a few. The future sure looks bright and he’ll need more than shades… that’s why I sent him some tees as well! Glad to have him on board!

Download his XLR8R podcast here

Below you’ll find an interesting interview by Alex On-Point (Dutch with subtitles)

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The marbled 10 inch monster on Belgium’s Curle Records, his take on Efdemin’s Acid Bells, sheer bliss!

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Far Away taken from Great Lengths

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These Words ft D-Bridge taken from Great Lengths, Artwork by the mighty Erosie

In depth interview with Martyn about Talking Heads’ Fear Of Music album conducted by Finn Johannsen here

More linkage:

Martyn Myspace


Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Today was the day I had been looking forward to all week: a/ because it was saturday obviously and b/ because Niels “Shoe” Meulman was at the Mac Fly store in Gent signing his Calligraffiti book. Weather was great so took to town with the fam for ice cream and new kicks (for Uma, not me, proof below) Passed by the Mac Fly shop to pick up my signed copy, had a chat with the master and returned home satisfied… Today was a good day! Big up Dynoo Mac Fly and Alex On Point for organizing the event and Shoe for doing this:

Calligraffiti @ Mac Fly, Gent

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Really looking forward to this event combining two of my loves: graffiti & calligraphy! On April 24th Niels “Shoe” Meulman will be showcasing his Calligraffiti project at Mac Fly in Gent. Shoe was one of the very first European writers, man goes way way back, he was one of the Euro writers who made it into Henry Chalfant & James Prigoff’s mid-to-late 80′s graffiti bible titled Spraycan Art (amongst others such as Mode2, 3D, Goldie…ring a bell?). You know the Futura, Seen, Dondi… era, that’s how oldskool! Recently he worked as creative director at BBDO and MTV and his work is part of the permanent collection at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the SF MOMA! I can’t wait to go see the exhibition, buy the book & T-shirt and have the master sign my original copy of Spray Can Art, ha!
The event is organized by On Point and Mac Fly and I expect it to be absolutely ram jam!

Mac Fly
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