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Trevino Mix for Electronic Explorations

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

This exclusive mix for the Electronic Explorations blog by dnb don Marcus Intalex’s non-dnb Trevino alter-ego has been on constant replay for the past few days at Limited Addiction HQ. The man has been responsible for some of the best dnb tunes in the history of the genre, in fact I think he hasn’t even had a mediocre tune out, ever…  (How You Make Me Feel has been a personal favorite ever since it dropped over 10 years ago). As those who got his Chip tune on 3024 will know, it doesn’t matter what genre or tempo, his output is straight up quality regardless. Also look out for his forthcoming material on Micky’s Nakedlunch label. Anyway, I digress… All I wanted to say is you need this mix in your life, seriously. File under whatever you feel fit. Just click the pic above to download.


01 – Trevino – Indulge – [Forthcoming]
02 – Trevino – Jaun Two Five
03 – A Made Up Sound – Take the plunge
04 – Trevino – tweakonomics- [Forthcoming]
05 – Martyn – Popgun
06 – Trevino – Derelict
07 – Peter van Hoesen – Axis Mundi
08 – Der Zyklus – formenverwandler
09 – Deetron – Croque
10 – Trevino – Disocvery – [Forthcoming]
11 – Trevino – Loft – [Forthcoming]
12 – Rhythm and Sound – Making History
13 – Stifle – Deep 44
14 – Trevino – Forged – [Forthcoming]
15 – Trevino – Can’t Get Any.. – [Forthcoming]


On a not so unrelated note: keep an eye on the shop in a couple of weeks… can’t say too much as I don’t want to jinx anything but yeah, just keep an eye on the shop…

Micky Nakedlunch podcast

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Nakedlunch21811 by [NAKEDLUNCH]


Sunday, February 20th, 2011

pic stolen from Sonic Router

Storming mix from [nakedlunch] head honcho Micky. Some of you might remember him as Pressure from the Redzone nights, others need no introduction at all. Tunes from Instra:mental (3024 cut!), Scuba, Joy Orbison, Addison Groove masterfully blended with classic cuts from Armando & Phuture… Instant Limited Addiction favorite!!! (yes that’s three exclamation marks).

Read the interview the Futureproofing guys conducted with the man and download the mix here: