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Jon Convex podcast

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Another beast from Jon Convex: the first podcast on his Convex Industries site is cracking! Click the pic to download




Jon Convex – Convexations EP (3024)

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Hot on the heels of Julio Bashmore’s release, 3024 returns with Jon Convex’ (one half of Instra:mental) Convexations EP. Opener ‘Convexations’ raises the curtain with traces of Yamaha fog and a hollowed out kick before a bassline fusing Giorgio Moroder with The Human Centipede rears up to provide unrelenting forward momentum. Glimpses of dialogue warped to the point of gibberish, an ever growing chorus of muttering percussive synths and a zero gravity drop complete the picture of a ride in cattle class all the way to Pittsburgh.
‘Falling Again’ dials back its predecessor’s intensity, evoking a robotic production line take on UKG. A metronomic 2-step rhythm forms the basis for a replicant diva’s final performance while another strikingly organic bass line spends the duration of the track expanding and arcing with all the grace of a particularly low frequency solar flare.
Exclusive to the digital version is ‘Order Into Chaos’. The first Jon Convex track we heard, a particularly intense 3024 board meeting saw it declared too good to leave sitting on the shelf. The most (warehouse) floor focused track offered here and a heads down simmering vat of acid, the surface of which sporadically erupts in frothing signal distortion and T1000 kicks.
With the audio content taking a turn into harder and darker territory, Erosie’s inimitable artwork provides an inky curve ball by taking his collage series into a softer but no less vivid palette providing another perfect visual counterpoint to proceedings.

Convexations – 3024 – [Clip] by Jon Convex

Falling Again – 3024 – [Clip] by Jon Convex

Order into chaos – 3024 – [192k Clip] by Jon Convex

Jon Convex’ Convexations EP for 3024

Friday, May 6th, 2011

3024 once again rises to the occasion. Hot on the heels of Julio Bashmore’s EP Jon Convex delivers a lethal slab of beats and bass to Limited Addiction’s favorite label. Click here to preview the tunes and camp out in front of your local record store on June 13 for its physical release. Ready-to-frame artwork courtesy of the one and only Erosie as per usual. Essential, buy-on-sight material as we’ve become accustomed to!

SCB podcast for XLR8R

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Recommended listening: Paul Rose aka Scuba aka SCB with this killer mix featuring cuts by Jon Convex for 3024, Instra:mental and more: download it here

Limited Addiction x Club Autonomic

Monday, April 18th, 2011

I’m extremely proud to announce yet another collab. I was approached by the kind people over at Club Autonomic to produce these premium quality threads. You probably know the Autonomic podcasts, aptly titled ‘Layers’ and in case you don’t you should just head over there asap and kill your bandwith just like 60.000 others do every time a Layer is released as it’s all must-hear material. Club Autonomic isn’t called a movement in vain. With people like Instra:Mental & DBridge running things alongside long-time lyrical collaborator SP:MC and links to the entire Exit & NonPlus families boundaries are crushed and genres are mere memories. The t-shirts will be limited to 50 of each design and will soon be available at the Autonomic website and will most likely sell out within weeks. Needless to say all t-shirts received the Limited Addiction treatment, screenprinted on sweatshop-free cotton, complete with sleevetags, neckprints, custom hangtags, stickers, buttons… the works! Now without further ado, scroll down an see the tees for yourself!

Jon Convex Podcast!

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Jon Convex, half of Instra:Mental at the helm for Fact’s latest podcast. Ties in nicely with Limited Addiction’s next collab release aka the Autonomic t-shirt! Pics of those in the next post. Enjoy them while listening to this!


Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Looking forward to hear Instra:Mental’s Drama’s solo material as Jon Convex. Tunes are forthcoming on 3024, Naked Lunch and Non Plus… Fact sat down with the man for a little Q&A… Read it here