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Hit ‘em with the Razzle Dazzle

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

I’ve been wanting to share this for a while now and since we took to sea with the previous post I thought now was a good time for these absolutely wicked pics from WWI battle ships. Apparently all the black and white imagery of the great wars have clouded my imagination and rendered the colour palette to a dull grey. Now just try to picture a fleet of multi-coloured vessels coming your way, because that’s how it actually was. To prevent the allied fleet from getting annihilated, new graphic ways of camo were called for and in came the strategy of confusion. British artist and naval officer Norman Wilkinson used bright, loud colours and contrasting diagonal stripes to make it incredibly difficult for ze Germans to gauge a ship’s size and direction. An excellent way to safeguard your fleet! Too bad they don’t paint them like that anymore… Also, I was told the Dizzy Tee has a similar effect on vikings & pirates!

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