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Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Last night Sofie and I headed down to the SMAK museum to see the Ed Templeton exhibition. I expected a bit of crowd as the opening was organized by Lucky Three but the turnout was insane. It felt just like entering a concert. It took us over a half hour to actually get in as we were bumping into people left and right and got caught up in random chit chat. Good times! The artist himself was present of course but was horded by people all night long, he didn’t seem to mind though as he willfully posed for pics and chatted to his fans. It goes without saying that yesterday’s event attracted a different crowd than your typical SMAK opening night. Templeton is a living legend in his own right: an ex-pro skateboarder turned photographer slash artist slash Toy Machine owner and designer… It was great to see his work in person, portraits of everyday suburbia and some of his more graphic work were presented side by side in what he calls a clusterwork  which really emphasized the incredible body of work he has emitted over the last decade. Five (5!) rooms filled to the brim! Anyway, I think the best introduction to the man is through the Beautiful Losers documentary (see links below)  featuring interviews with Shepard Fairy (Obey Giant), the legendary ESPO (Steve Powers), the late Margaret Killgallen, Harmony Korine (Kids, Gummo director), Geoff McFetridge and the rest of the creative powerhouse that was NYC’s Alledged Gallery. Helps you understand where he came from.

Ed Templeton’s site (lots of pics of last night’s opening and his work at SMAK)
Templeton on Cobra TV
Beautiful Losers on Youtube
(part 1, check part 2 to 8 on Youtube as well)