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Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

One of my favorite blogs on the entire web: Scouting NY.
Nick Carr is a film location scout in NY. His work takes him to all kinds of places such as long-gone theatres, forgotten alleys, hidden cemeteries and abandoned buildings. I especially like the New York, You’ve Changed feature, A comprehensive then-and-now look at the locations in your favorite New York movies! My love for NY has never faded and I grab every chance I get to read up on the city. I love the history, the background stories and the various great finds he shares with his readers and I can’t wait to visit the city again and see some of the locations in person, map in hand.

On a personal note: the pic below is from a building I used to live across the street from. Never noticed anything special as I just walked past it everyday, as you do. So it was fun to bump into this here post about it: