Real Scenes – New York City

RA did another episode of the Real Scenes documentary series and this time they shine a light on the again-vibrant New York scene. After the lull caused by Guilliani’s policies, nearly wiping out New York’s nightlife in a decade, with cabaret licenses in effect. I remember the Sound Factory closed a month before my first ever visit and feeling devastated to have missed an era. It’s good to see the city strugglin’ back. I have fond memories of the New York nightlife and it really hurt to know that most of the clubs I used to go to every week have gone and turned into pizza places. Anyway, a new generation of promoters have embraced the hussle to put out decent music in surprising venues, just like it’s supposed to be really! I’ve been playing lots of NYC related music the last few years, with people like the LIES crew, Jus Ed, Levon, Dj QU, Anthony Parasole and Joey Anderson all releasing really good music.


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