Limited Addiction

Do you ship internationally?

I sure do!

What about returns?

Purchased items are determined unreturnable if worn, tags have been removed, or have been damaged by the customer. If you need to return or exchange a part or all of your purchase you may return or exchange the item(s) within 7 days of the purchase. Drop me a mail before you do so I'm aware of the problem and I'll be glad to sort things out. In case of sizing issues you can return the unworn, tagged and undamaged t-shirt to Limited Addiction, c/o Rik Staesens, Raas Van Gaverestraat 118, 9000 Gent, Belgium and you will either receive the t-shirt in your size or if unavailable you will receive store credit. Please include €3.00 euros for orders within Belgium, €6.00 for orders anywhere else in Europe and €10.00 for worldwide orders for the return shipping cost. In case you received anything other than you ordered, Limited Addiction will obviously ship the correct product as soon as possible and will refund your return shipping cost.

I want a t-shirt that's sold out. What do I do?

Not much, I’m afraid. See, that’s part of the concept. I print once and gone is gone.

Prices are a bit steep. How come?

Two words: quality and quantity. Limited Addiction uses American Apparel blank tees. Their quality and fit are second to none but they also come at a price. LA loves details, details cost. Also, I print very limited quantities. Other people would call that commercial suicide, I call it my company!

Hey Belgium boy, what's with the English?

Well, Limited Addiction is primarily an online brand, and English enables me to communicate with people outside our little country. If you have any questions though, you can mail me in Dutch, French or Spanish too.

I don't like to shop online. Can I find Limited Addiction in shops?

No. I like to think that the service I provide cannot be provided in a shop. I personally answer every e-mail, process each and every order, fold every shirt... I like to have full control of how this shirt is presented to my customers from the actual t-shirt to the buttons, the stickers, the packaging... you get the gist. 


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