Scuba comes with the deepness

Ever since his first release called Timba, Scuba aka Paul Rose has made heads turn with a constant slew of quality releases on, amongst others,  his very own Hotflush imprint. Next to running one of the most interesting dubstep labels around he’s also responsible for one of the genre’s leading clubnights. If Sub:stance at Berlin’s Berghain doesn’t ring a bell, I suggest you get to know right after reading this post, as it’s widely known to be one of Europe’s best nights in what’s been coined Berlin’s best venue by many. With artists such as Skream, Peverelist, Shackleton, T++, 2562, Untold, Martyn and of course Scuba himself gracing the decks it goes without saying the nights serve as a testament to the forward thinking philosophy that’s been instrumental to the musical legacy of Germany’s capital. Fresh on the heels of his Sub:stance mix cd released on the Ost Gut label comes his 2nd full length LP titled Triangulation.  The dubstep label has come short to describe the music Scuba has been responible for and it sure doesn’t represent the wide variety of sounds on this album. Intricate percussion, haunting synths and otherworldly vibes all come together on this slice of superb electronica. With hints of ambient, house, garage, 2-step and dubstep this album caters to all music enthousiasts and should be able to cross many a border. This album has been on heavy rotation at the Limited Addiction estate so I felt I had to share it with all you beloved readers of this here blog!

Listen to Triangulation here
Buy the album here
Sub:stance myspace
Sub:stance Mix cd

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